Our Commitment to Diversity & Sustainability

As an equal opportunity employer for all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, identity, or genetic information; The Charles C. Hart Seed Co. is committed to building inclusive and sustainable business opportunities for all companies owned by members of underrepresented groups.

We are committed to partnering with a diverse and inclusive supply chain to match the diversity of our community. We believe that supplier diversity will help strengthen the economic and social communities in which we currently operate.

To meet our goals of partnering with diverse partners; we have 100% commitment from our current President, William Hart, Vice President, Robert Hart, and our Board of Directors and Shareholders.

William Hart and Patrick Custy currently manage all relationships with Diverse Suppliers. Together they monitor performance and work closely with our current supply partners to ensure our partners are getting feedback that they deserve along with identifying new partners.

In an industry dominated by primarily multi-national supply partners with their own commitments to diversity, we are always looking for supply partners owned and operated by those underrepresented groups.

Our Goals and Objectives are to:

Actively find business partners that are owned by women, veterans, disabled, Native American, LGBTQ+ individuals or members of any other underrepresented group.

We are committed to integrating diverse partners to ensure there are equal opportunities for all suppliers.

Supplier diversity is an area we are continuing to grow in so we can be one small part of strengthening the economic fabric of our community in which we operate.